What Are Plantation Shutters? Everything You Need To Know

It would have been nice to sleep in this morning, but with all that bright sun coming through the window, it wasn’t going to happen. If you want to able to sleep in tomorrow, it might be time to invest in some window treatments.

Plantation shutters are a great option as they feature adjustable louvres to let light in sometimes, and shut it out at others. Installing interior plantation shutters give you adjustable light-blocking control as well as privacy protection. 

What Are Plantation Shutters?

The style was popularized in the southeast United States on large farms known as plantations that typically grew cotton and sugar cane.

Today the style is used in many homes, often simpler than the plantation mansions they were once installed in. Interior plantation shutters are popular for first floor rooms that require privacy or light control.

Best Features of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters aren’t just an average window treatment. They have many more functions and features than a simple curtain. Make your home more efficient and add value with plantation shutter installation.


Match your unique indoor decor to the many styles of plantation shutters. Whether they take up a whole window, or just cover as much as café curtains, plantation shutters can be styled like the rest of your home.

Slat Size

Slat size is a determining factor in the look of plantation shutters. Depending on how open you want windows to appear when the slats are completely open, you will want to choose larger or smaller sizes.

There are many slat sizes available for plantation shutters. The smaller the louvre width, the more slats fill the space. They can still act like a screen even when open, offering a little bit of privacy. Wider louvres take up much less space when open, and allow more light and visibility through the window.

Tilt Options

Some plantation shutters come with tilt rods to adjust the tilt of the louvres; there are also hidden tilt rods these connect all of the louvres on their ends so that moving one manually moves them all.

Even more advanced than this are invisible tilt systems which use internal gears to move the louvres together at once. 


There are many options to choose from when it comes to materials. Materials may influence the cost and look of the plantation shutters.

Add Value to Your Home

Plantation shutters are considered upgrades to the home and are therefore counted into your appraisal value. Think of the installation as an investment that will pay off if and when you go to sell the home.

Home Efficiency

It’s no secret window treatments affect the efficiency in a home. Plantation shutters can help block out the sun during a hot summer or can let more heat in during the winter to take advantage of passive solar heating. This can save you money on heating and cooling.


One of the plantations shutters benefits is the ease of dusting compared to drapery. If you are someone with allergies or a pet owner, opting for louvred shutters like plantation shutters may keep the dust down in your home.

A simple swipe with a microfiber cloth or a feather duster will keep them clean, versus washing and vacuuming drapery.

Plantation shutters’ features can make a great addition to homes with south-facing windows or any windows that need privacy. Make your home more efficient, protect furnishings from fading and add a valuable improvement to your appraisal price with plantation shutters.

Shut Out the World

If you’ve been inspired to install plantation shutters in your home, get in touch with Shadeview Blinds. For plantation shutters Townsville residents have access to the best installation options.

Call to request a quote regarding plantation shutters cost or set up installation. With over 30 years of experience repairing and installing home improvements like shades, shutters, and awnings, we have the skills, knowledge and tools to make your plantation shutter installation a breeze.

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